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"Seqkat is a very powerful healer. When she laid her hands on me, my body started getting hot, then I felt an electric current going from her hands to the place she was healing. It was an amazing experience. You can feel it working and can feel her loving, healing energy fill your body. I am grateful for her powerful gift." - Candace

"Seqkat's experiences from her own journey through conscious evolution have added to her as a truly engaging, effective and supportive coach. Her insight and guided meditations have most definitely changed my life, and I have appreciated greatly, her deep love and caring. Thank you, Seqkat."

- Sarah T.

"This was a unique and inspirational experience for me, it opened up my eyes to some of the potential that I have from within. I wasn’t sure what to expect, going in, but with an open and patient mind, it can be very rewarding. Not only was it a journey of discovery within myself, but it was also quite relaxing. By the time I was finished with Seqkat's guided meditation, I was at ease with myself. I had little to no stress. And now, because of this experience, I have a better understanding of how to worry less, and enjoy life more." - Austin Pranger

"The Healing with Seqkat was amazing! I sat down in pain and stood up free of pain! I no longer had to wait for my bones to allow me to move forward. Thankful beyond words... God Bless!"

- Donna Waugle

"To all of you who experience Seqkat's guided meditation....I assure you this is something you all will never forget so long as you live. All my life I have felt I could never so much as feel the way I used to, back when things were simple. What you will experience is eye-opening and will unlock so many locked doors and will literally chase away any fears or nightmares that will be plaguing your mind or soul. It opens the door and lets you feel what you have been wanting to feel for so long. Finally my heart and soul feel at peace." - Mark S.

"My experience with Seqkat's work has profoundly changed my daily life. For the first time I understand what it really means to love myself!!! I am accepting myself in every way and even growing into my purpose. This has even become a coping mechanism for me. When I am dealing with emotional stress, I can clearly see my inner child and I can affirm and love her. I am learning to heal and my life has improved infinitely!"
- Jessica Phiri

"Would like to thank you for making me feel better about myself. To learn to love myself & take care of myself before I can help others. No matter how you look, love yourself. Thank you again."

- Vicky Wolfinger

"She was so incredibly helpful! Seqkat helped me understand many things about myself, and how it was manifesting physically as well. With her help, I can actually use my ankle! It's strength has returned! Thank you, Seqkat!" - Lysa Clifford

"Seqkat is a beautiful, loving and helpful lady who was able to clear physical & emotional pain in me! So thankful for you!!! Thank-You! For love & light & True Healing!"

- Cassandra Marie

"I had the pleasure of participating in a group led by Seqkat. She is delightful and light-spirited while at the same time conveying a felt sense of depth and powerful leadership. Her vulnerability adds to the milieu of acceptance and appreciation for each person's contribution. Presenting a focus topic and discussion allowed me to reflect on its relevance to my life and to open to new perspectives and possibilities.” - Fran Clarke

"Seqkat is an amazing healer.

The Light and healing she brings

into people is truly one of a kind.

Her compassion and empathy for others is truly a gift. I am a Reiki practitioner and I can truly say

I’ve never experienced anything

like it. I am extremely grateful

to her for all she does."

- Calleigh Piper