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Terms & Conditions:

By reading, watching, engaging and/or purchasing anything offered to you at this site, you agree that you agree to these Terms & Conditions, Copyright, Disclaimers & Privacy Policy, which are subject to change. It is therefore your responsibility to keep watch for possible changes. 

Seqkat's or Seqkat refers to Seqkat Winn and Shou's or Shou refers to Shou Winn. We and/or our refers to both Seqkat Winn and Shou Winn.


Written Materials such as Books, Booklets, Articles, Videos, and/or Processes we share with you, are created by Seqkat Winn or Shou Winn unless specifically credited to another. These are Seqkat's or Shou's intellectual property protected by the US and international copyright law. Reproduction of these materials unless given permission to reuse them are prohibited under these copyright laws. Violation of this policy can result in initation of legal proceedings that can lead to but are not limited to copyright violation and intellectual property theft.

Liability Exclusions:
Intellectual Property & Coaching/Advising:

Advice shared with you within any of our materials and/or coaching, including Tarot readings are a culmination of Seqkat's and/or Shou's intellectual property (unless specifically credited to another) based on years or research from in-numerous resources combined with her and/or his personal intuition, experiences and applications. We are not liable for any damages considered to be in result of you following such advice. It is your responsibility to check with any medical professionals in regards to anything of the psyche and/or your health in any shape or form. No results can be promised to you, as results vary based on individual applications of them. It is your responsibility to make careful choices for your life and we are in no way responsible for any damages resulting in your choices made based upon influence of our advice. You understand that Seqkat and Shou are intuitive spiritual, life coaches, and certified practitioners of the Law of Attraction and are not licensed therapists and that you are responsible for all your decisions, actions and feelings in following any thing shared with you in our materials and/or coaching and Tarot readings.  Tarot Readings are to be considered for Entertainment Purposes Only.

Third Party Websites:

We are not liable for the policies, practices or contents of any of the third parties that service our site, auto responders, funding, such as Gumroad or through our affiliate commission system or that may be listed as reference or in our promotional emails of a third party. It is up to you to research their policies.

We are not liable for any third party website content (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for examples), or affiliates that that links to,,,, or any other domains we may have to promote our services we offer, for personal promotion of us. Their association with their promotion of it does not mean we endorse the content of their website.

We may at times send you promotional emails (if you signed up) only of others we feel aligned that can offer you service that we have found their services beneficial to us. We are not liable for any of their content or impact they have of you using their services.


We do our best to have the site(s) available to members. We are not liable for any malfunctions or harm caused in regards to use of our website host, affiliate systems, calling systems, payment services, auto responders, or any downtime.

Privacy Policy:

We will not share nor sell your profile information or email address to third parties. Your information is used to send you emails or to set up payments or payment plans for our Tarot readings or coaching and/or programs to withdraw the agreed payment you chose, and/or to notify you of our own offers or that of another we feel is alignment with services we trust and find beneficial.