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Start Living Your Heart's DesiresThe Practice of Loving Yourself Coaching Package!

What impedes us from allowing it? Buying into conditioning that your purpose in life is to do what everyone else wants you to do that makes them happy. Be like them. Do like them. Think like them. Why? It serves as a safety feeling. If others are like me, then I'm accepted, I'm good, I'm worthy of good things. And this safety is what you're ego is grasping for as well.

But everyone's TRUE mission in life was not to come here and be the exact same clone of each other. If that were the case, we'd actually be so! Everyone's mission is to be here expressing and experiencing their own, very unique self, as the Divinity, (Source, Creator, God, etc) individuated itself into You with your unique perspective. The Divinity within you is why you are here on 3D Earth - to explore being You.

This is why you have different likes, preferences, talents and skills. The Divinity desires to experience itself in multiple, sometimes similar, sometimes very vastly different ways.

So, it's your Divine Calling to live your Heart's Desires. Your heart calls you to be who You are. And that's why you feel discomfort, when you're not living your Heart's Desires. And then that discomfort leads you into a lower vibration, which spreads to others in influence. Living your Heart's Desires positions you into your natural joy. Which brings your vibration higher, and in turn spreading that influence to others.

So, living your Heart's Desires is not only your Divine Calling, but it is also the best way you can serve ALL of mankind.

But your ego fears this. It fears being all alone, if it's not like everyone else, it (you) will be shunned and rejected, and so it blocks you from living your Heart's Desires. And you've become so identified with your ego, you have forgotten who you really are. You have to know who you really are! I can open the door to that connecting you with your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is the individualized spark of Divinity within you that remembers all and knows all and knows it is (you are) limitless, fully abundant and all powerful. It's not plagued with ego's amnesia and fears. But knowing who you really are can only be useful to you, if you can calm your ego's fears. This is the key point - take note here. This is where you don't allow yourself to live your Heart's Desires ... ego's fears. "I'll upset this person, I don't have enough money, I don't have the right credentials, I don't have the contacts, it's too risky, I'll lose what I already have. I can't, I can't, I can't because ... (fill in the blank)." This is ego's thoughts with its survival mentality and agenda of avoiding projected pain. And it resists, and thus your life empty of your Heart's Desires persists.

The essential here is getting your ego to TRUST your Higher Self, and this is where I can help you. With trusting your Higher Self, your ego lets go of control and allows your Higher Self to flow all the good abundance that is always here for you. Picture unkinking a water hose. When you unkink it, the water flows. Ego's fears and controls are what kinks your own life flowing with experiencing your Heart's Desires.

Some have caught on to ego's (unintentional) snares and seek to abolish it, and/or ignore it. As ego is a part of you that actually is the very act of abolishing and ignoring you. You are acting this way about yourself withholding your own love. This only serves to ADD to your current ego's fears, perpetuating your disliked circumstances even more!

The ego must be understood and loved. It was created as a part of you by the Divinity which perceives your ego only with love, and I can help you come into alignment with the Divinity's perspective. As Love is our TRUE ESSENCE, Love is the magic. Love is the power. Love is abundant. And as long as we keep our love from ourselves, we stifle our power and abundance, because we're cutting ourselves off from our Higher Self.

This is why I created a 4 week coaching package called the Practice of Loving Yourself.

During the 4 Weeks:

  • I will Connect You to Your Higher Self, who you really are. Imagine confusing choices, be easily solved and chosen because you ask your Higher Self which guides you to choose that which is in your highest good and you trust it and doors start opening!
  • I will put you in the very practice of Loving Your Ego Self, (with every ounce of love you give your ego, you give it directly to yourself), opening more and more flow!
  • I will guide you then to connecting your ego self with your Higher Self bringing you into a balanced relationship within yourself, bringing you into your own amazing Empowerment!
  • And most importantly, I will put you in the experience of getting your ego to TRUST your Higher Self, opening the flow of abundance to living your Heart's Desires. Unkinking that hose!

You’ll Leave the 4 Week Program with a
Renewed Sense of Energy & Confidence to Step into Your Power,
Being Who You Are and Transform Your Life Once and For All!

What Customers Are Saying:

"My experience with this work has profoundly changed my daily life. For the first time I understand what it really means to love myself!!! I am accepting myself in every way and even growing into my purpose. This has even become a coping mechanism for me. When I am dealing with emotional stress, I can clearly see my inner child and I can affirm and love her. I am learning to heal and my life has improved infinitely!" - Jessica Phiri

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How much is it? The gift of your lifetime to come into the place of loving yourself and letting all the abundance of goodness flow to support you, and enable you to empower yourself to be living your Heart's Desires?

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Couple's Package Cost: $475  Purchase Here

Session Length: 4 Weeks. One 60 Minute Session Per Week.

Sessions Are Over Zoom, Phone, or FaceTime.

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Living your Heart's Desires is a Matter of

Allowing Yourself to Do so.