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Message from Deceased Loved Ones LIVE Readings!

(These Live Events are held on Zoom)

                      NEXT EVENT Date & Time:
                           Sunday, 07 Nov 21 7:00 pm EDT

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          Event Price: $27.00 Link to Purchase Click Here.

*Notes - 

I cannot guarantee a Loved One will come through for each person.  It is possible more than one Loved One will come through for some people.  Messages sent may be current energies of your manifestation.  You can always make choices (especially inner choices) to change those energies for any messages that may not be of your preference.

No results can be guaranteed from these readings. With your purchase of these readings you automatically agree with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  • Energy Clearing & Shielding for Group
  • Readings to See Who is Coming Through
  • When Someone Recognizes Who Comes Through They Can Ask 2 Questions & Seqkat Will Read to Gain Answers
  • You May or May Not Experience One or More Loved One(s) Coming Through
  • More Readings Will Continue as Such with Openings for Responders to Ask 2 Questions & Seqkat Reads for Answers