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  • Seqkat's Tarot:Sundays or Mondays:  FREE Weekly Pick-A-Card Tarot Readings! 
  • Seqkat's Chakra Clearings:1st Wednesday or Thursday of the Month:  FREE Monthly - Seqkat's Group Chakra Clearing & Heart Chakra Opening - Join in with this guided Meditation, as Seqkat channels the Archangels to clear all 12 of your Chakras and to open your Heart Chakra.  These are very powerful and effective!  This Service is completely FREE!
  • Seqkat's Mewzings: All other Wednesdays or Thursdays:  FREE Weekly - Seqkat will share her Wisdom from years of practice, research, teaching and guiding others on how to live the life of Your Dreams, living your Heart's Desires!  These teachings are completely Free!