Seqkat's EnlightenJoyment

About Seqkat

(pronounced as Say-Cat)

Seqkat is a Spiritually Gifted Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Transformational Author, Speaker and Teacher.

She has traveled around the United States sharing her gifts of both physical and emotional healing, speaking and teaching. She also founded a Healing Center doing the same, running weekly meetings and workshops. She is also the co-founder of Wize Vibez and Surviving into Thriving with her son, Shou Winn.

Now, she's bringing her services primarily online through Tarot Readings and Chakra Clearings and Heart Chakra Openings, and Teachings. She still remains available for local Energy Healing, and guiding people through her 4 week program, the Practice of Loving Yourself, and resolving tangled issues people have with others through Guardian Angel Pow Wow's.

She works through channeling Archangel Raphael, and other Archangels and through close guidance of her Higher Self and guides.

"For nearly all of her life since she was a young child, Seqkat has been guiding people back to Spirit, awakening them to the truth within us all.

"Seqkat is a bubbly person, to put it lightly. When you first meet her you will notice this free Joyful vibe surrounding you, alongside pure ecstatic excitement for life. She has a strong passion for helping others and guiding them back to their true authentic selves. 'This allows people to create the life that supports Who They Really Are, a life that is much more joyful and exciting for themselves,' she says.

"Since the early age of 4, Seqkat has always been tapped into the truth of life, feeling this deep inner knowing. She was challenged greatly through childhood abuse which always pushed her towards enlightenment. Throughout her life, people always came to her for help and advice regarding life. Now Seqkat is known for her ability to calm the fears people have in life by helping them align their perspective with one that is of the truth. She calls this 'Aligning Your Ego with Your Higher Self.' She is also known for her 'Healing Hands' as she is able to channel Archangel Raphael to help release energetic blocks people may have in their bodies which may be causing dis-ease.

"More personally, Seqkat lives a lifestyle that is focused on Joy! She embodies her very own core teachings of living an exciting & passionate life. In her free time, she is a writer, animal lover (she loves cats!), mother and grandmother, and enjoys spending time in nature. One of her greatest loves is ever expanding research and growth! She also likes a good story and staying healthy through healthy eating and weekly exercising.

"From age 10, Seqkat was looking for answers to all of life's questions through the medium in which she was raised, Christianity that would later change. With years of studying the Bible she began to research other sources after having vivid and extra-ordinary dreams. This opened a door for Seqkat which led her to an insatiable appetite for all things spiritual. From Yogic teachings to Scientific & Metaphysical Theories, this eventually led her to freedom from the restricting beliefs she had picked up from others. Ultimately, this led her to look within for answers which is now her main practice and led her to her own core teachings of self-empowerment following one's Joy, being Who They Really Are, living the life truly intended for them!

"As Seqkat herself says it, 'One of my specialties is helping you truly meet yourself, both your Higher Self and your Ego Self, which you'll discover, your ego is not malicious, and is both worthy and in need of your love.' This she experienced as guidance from her Higher Self, through recovery of her very own severe breakdown that occurred in 2009 that would take her years to climb back to Who She Really Is.

"One of Seqkat's greatest passions and messages that she shares is the importance of calming their ego's fears and fully loving ourselves. She has a talent for helping people connect with their ego and listen to the fears that they discover. She has even developed a technique called Erase It & Replace It to help those stuck in their fears work their way into a perspective in alignment with Source itself. Along side that, she also has created a guided meditation to help people Meet Their Higher Self and an entire 4 week program, The Practice of Loving Yourself to bring your Ego and Higher Self into balance so you may embrace the full spectrum of Who You Really Are.

"Seqkat is on a mission to get as many people as possible to to enjoy life. To bring their egos back into balance with their Higher Selves, Source Perspective, to engage in enjoying life as we are meant to do! Playing. Being Silly. Laughing. Singing. Dancing. Experiencing that which fulfills each person uniquely. Whatever is your Heart's Desire! To be in EnlightenJoyment and in Love with Life!

"As Seqkat herself says it, 'Being Who You Really Are means Embracing and Living Your Joy, being Productive in that which ignites Your Passions, and you'll find it Easy, as it incorporates Your Natural Talents and Inclinations.'

"From my perspective, Seqkat is a wonderful person, a beautiful soul who is filled with compassion and love for others and just a bundle of energy that shines as a great reminder to everyone, to find the funny in all things and to be yourself. Your Authentic You. She has an amazing way of working with others and her techniques to help ease people into Source Perspective are incredibly effective.

- Shou Winn- co-founder of Wize Vibez & Surviving into Thriving, Spiritual Coach & Web Designer